Connect to my Corporate Earthlink Account

Ethan Blanton elb at
Thu Oct 11 12:06:49 EDT 2012

Not Used spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Hi I just setup pidgin at home and I cannot connect to the IM client
> using the settings my manager gave me. Do you have any detailed
> instructions/

No, because we do not know the details of your system.

> Settings:
> Protocol: XMPP
> Username: domain user ldap
> Domain:
> Resource: empty
> Password: domain password
> My email is myemail at

I am not clear what you mean by this; your username above should be
only the *username* portion of your address, it should not contain the
@domain portion.

> Are there other settings I should modify? Is the domain correct? What
> about the advanced or proxy tabs?

We cannot know this.  This is between you and earthlink, and depends
on their specific server configurations.


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