pidgin on htc evo

David Woolley forums at
Thu May 31 02:38:22 EDT 2012

barbara vega wrote:
> how do i install instant messeging pidgin onto my htc evo

I don't believe that HTC's run a supported OS.

However, as you are writing from an Oracle address, I suspect you are 
asking the wrong question and really wanted to know how to access 
Oracle's internal, XMPP, instant message server.  For that, you need to 
talk to Oracle's own IT department.

If so, please tell them why you didn't go to them in the first place, so 
we have some hope of their improving their guidance to users.  This peer 
support mailing list gets a veryu large number questions that should go 
to Oracle internal IT.

If it is just coincidental that you are writing from, 
identifying the services you need to use may help the HTC users here 
suggest alternative IM products.

David Woolley
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