Intermittent connection problems

Steven Gauna smcgauna at
Wed May 23 01:47:20 EDT 2012

Uninstalling Pidgin doesn't remove user account profiles.  Your user
account profile will typically be stored under either the (Windows)
%appdata%\.purple or (Linux) ~/.purple directory.

If you remove that, all settings you have will be lost.  I would recommend
renaming it to something like .purple.old and reopening it to see if the
problem persists.  This way if you find that there was something in the old
profile you needed, it will still be there.  If the problem persists, you
may want to open up the debug window via the Help menu and capture some
debug output for a while as the problem occurs.  Note the time it occurs at
and that should pinpoint where in the log to look for the issue.

Then attach the log to your reply, along with your notes of what time
ranges the behavior occurs between.  This may assist in tracking down the
culprit behind the error.

On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 8:12 PM, Dean Mazur <pacific1927 at>wrote:

> **
> I'm running Pidgin on 4 different computers.  One of them seems to exhibit
> problems with showing a status of "Offline" when that person has not logged
> off.  The status can toggle between "Online" and "Offline" every 30 seconds
> or so.
> That computer had a problem with the on-line installation during the
> library download, so I uninstalled, then reinstalled using the file
> "pidgin-2.10.4-offline.exe".
> I noticed that settings I had made were preserved, so uninstall is not
> complete, apparently.
> If further testing with the other 3 computers shows no trouble, how can I
> *completely* uninstall Pidgin and try again?
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