connection time out

Brian Morrison bdm at
Thu May 10 16:20:43 EDT 2012

On Thu, 10 May 2012 19:37:42 +0100
Ben Hallett <allbetenth at> wrote:

> I am unable to connect to irc as when I try it says that the
> connection has timed out. what should i do to fix this.

Well you have not provided enough detail for us to help.

Can you tell us which IRC server you're trying to connect to and
provide the contents of the debug window after your connection attempt
has timed out. Make sure you don't post anything sensitive, like
passwords, user ID or anything similar.

Can you connect with a different IRC client? Are you behind a
restrictive firewall?

All these things are needed for us to come up with any sensible advice.


Brian Morrison

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