Unable to connect gchat to Pidget at work

Daniel Stokes daniel.stokes at gmail.com
Tue May 8 12:54:08 EDT 2012

Hey guys, I am having difficulties connecting Pidgin to my gchat account. I
have tried (what I think is) all possible combinations for the settings in
the advanced tab. Most things I have read online lead me to believe that
this is the most common settings to choose:


   - Protocol: XMPP
   - Username: (First part of my email up to the @)
   - Domain: gmail.com
   - Resource: Home
   - Password *********


   - Connection Security: Use old-style SSL
   - Connect Port: 443 (tried 5222 as well)
   - Connect Server: talk.google.com
   - File Transfers Proxy: (Left as is) proxy.eu.jabber.org

No matter which combination I try, I am unable to connect and I get a error

"daniel.stokes at gmail.com/Home disconnected - Not Authorized"

I have checked and double checked my password many times and I still get
the same message. Please help!

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