My account is currently suspended.

Matthias Apitz guru at
Tue May 8 09:39:10 EDT 2012

El día Tuesday, May 08, 2012 a las 06:19:09AM -0700, Nemle Productions escribió:

> I woke up this morning to discover I can not log into Pidgin using my main AIM account. I can log into Pidgin with every other account I have linked, of which include Yahoo and a few other AIM accounts. Just not the one. Every time I try it gives me this message: "Your account is currently suspended". I can log in just fine through AIM messenger, Meebo and a few others I had my boyfriend try for me. It's a purely Pidgin issue and with only this one account. I use version 2.10.1 btw.

This does not has todo with Pidgin; Pidgin does not has any account, it
only *uses* the accounts you own and you have stored below Pidgin;


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