Issues connecting to facebook and IRC

Никола Гюров ngyurov92 at
Fri May 4 13:05:54 EDT 2012


I downloaded Pidgin and all I wanted to do is just connect to QuakeNet
IRC channel and facebook chat, and I don't seem to be able to do
either one.
I registered in QuakeNet with their web IRC chat, but I can't seem to
connect with Pidgin, I don't know what the server address is and I
can't seem to find it anywhere. I read that I should download some
purple pidgin plugin, I did, but now I don't know how to install it,
because it doesn't say that anywhere... It's in some weird file format
that I don't know how to open and I don't know in which folder to put
it either.
The other hassle is with the Facebook chat - I try to connect with the
build in one(says XMPP in brackets), doesn't work, I download some
facebook chat plugin, says that connection to facebook can't be

So my question is - how do I work with this thing? I am not a
programmer, but I have sufficient knowledge about computers, I am not
a basic user, but I still can't seem to get the hold of it. I tried
reading the help articles, but they dont say anything about
troubleshooting there... Please help me out.

Best Regards,
Nikola Gyurov

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