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Dave Warren lists at
Thu Aug 23 13:17:41 EDT 2012

On 8/23/2012 6:06 AM, Chris wrote:
> I am currently running Pidgin 2.10.5 (libpurple 2.10.5) on a Windows 7 
> Ultimate 64bit machine. On several occasions now I have logged onto my 
> machine to see that I've been kicked off of Pidgin due to the 
> following error message:
> "1 account was disabled because you signed on from another location: 
> <my email>"
> I don't log into my Hotmail account from any other machines and of 
> course the first time I seen this I thought that my account must have 
> been popped, so I changed the password. Since then it has happened 3 
> additional times, and each time I have changed my password. Seeing as 
> I use KeePass to randomly generate passwords each password has been 
> very different from the last in addition to always being the maximum 
> length permitted. I also scan my machine with McAfee, Malwarebytes, 
> and Secunia on a weekly basis and I'm on a network that is monitored 
> by an IDS. Since this started I have found nothing of concern.
> I did find another post where someone else brought up this same issue, 
> however it appears to have been dismissed as a 'hacked' account. Is 
> there a possibility that maybe the Hotmail accounts are simply timing 
> out and instead of showing that, the "you signed in from another 
> location" message appears instead?

I suspect that something is up on Hotmail's end, I had similar issues on 
two accounts. Suspecting my passwords had been compromised I changed 
them both, one from my desktop and the other from my iPad over 3G.

Both experienced the same issue within a couple hours, which to me, 
indicates that it's something on Hotmail's end; even if one of my 
systems or networks or similar were compromised, it wouldn't cause 
issues on both accounts.

Dave Warren

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