Pidgin with XMPP and LDAP - problem with underscore in domain name

Ethan Blanton elb at
Mon Aug 20 12:33:21 EDT 2012

Mark Doliner spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Unfortunately your options aren't great:
> 1. Use a different IM client
> 2. Get us to change Pidgin to allow underscores in domain names (this
> feels wrong to me)
> 3. Patch and build Pidgin yourself to allow underscores in domain
> names (not trivial)

4. Convince the powers that be that using an illegal jid isn't a great

The fact that Spark allows this is an accident, and if they notice,
they may forbid it.  The fact that the XMPP server allows it means the
server is non-compliant, and they may fix their server to forbid it in
a future update.  (OpenFire has a long history of allowing
non-compliant things, and they *do* fix it when it breaks things if it
is brought to their attention -- I don't know if they'll fix it on
policy if it doesn't "break things".)

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