Privacy settings resetting to default by restarting Pidgin 2.10.6

Mark Doliner mark at
Sun Aug 19 21:50:35 EDT 2012

Is this with AIM or ICQ?  For these protocols I believe Pidgin gets
the setting from the server, and the value that we get from the server
takes precedence over the local value.  I see two likely scenarios:
1. You're signed into this account from another location, and the
other location is setting the privacy setting to "block only users
2. Changing the privacy setting in Pidgin isn't actually working for
whatever reason (possibly a bug in Pidgin?).  You can try to check if
this is happening by opening the debug window (Help->Debug Window)
then changing your privacy setting.  I think it'll print some sort of
cryptic error message if it fails.

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