URI protocol for invoking pidgin

Mohamed Hamed mohamed.sayed at oracle.com
Thu Aug 30 03:34:53 EDT 2012

I'm sorry,
 I already encoded the space with %20 and still has the problem

 javascript:(function(){window.location='xmpp:user.name at oracle.com?message;body=SR%2012345';;})();;


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On 8/29/2012 3:32 PM, Mohamed Hamed wrote:
> Thank you Daniel for the quick response.
> It is working fine now after adding the message command.
> However I had another problem. If the body has a space, nothing come after the space.
> For ex:
>   I created a bookmark as the following :
>   javascript:(function(){window.location='xmpp:user.name at oracle.com?message;body=SR 12345';;})();;
>   This successfully open the chat window for user.name with a body as "SR" and any text after the space is ignored.

Since we're talking URIs, shouldn't a space be encoded as %20 or similar?

Dave Warren

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