Pidgin and Jabber

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> > Using Windows 7.  Suddenly my Jabber account set up in Pidgin will
> not
> > make a connection. Normally, I make the connection over a tor proxy
> > without any problem. Has something changed I am not aware of?  How
> can
> > I go about finding out the cause of this problem?  :(
> Is this a account?
> If so, the problem is that had moved the server and has
> updated the SRV DNS record to point to the new server - since you're
> using Tor, DNS SRV is disabled because that can't be done through
> SOCKS5, so Pidgin doesn't know which server to connect to.  You may
> specify "" in the "Connect server" field of the
> "Advanced" settings of your account to make Pidgin to connect to the
> new server.

Yes, it was a account. However, now I seem to have another
problem with Pidgin although I tried completely uninstalling it and
reinstalling to try fixing it without success. When Pidgin starts, a little
icon appears in the notification area of my Windows Taskbar. When I
right-click it to open the program for making configuration changes, nothing
happens. I right-click and no menu appears allowing me to open the program.
If I left-click or right click the icon, nothing happens. I cannot seem to
get to the Pidgin account setup dialogue window any longer. As I said, I
uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but nothing changed. I am running
64-bit Windows 7.

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