URI protocol for invoking pidgin

Mohamed Hamed mohamed.sayed at oracle.com
Wed Aug 29 07:04:07 EDT 2012

Hi Support.

I need to develop html hyperlink to invoke pidgin and open chat window for specific body.

By searching the net. I found that pidgin on my pc has registered the xmpp protocol.

I have used the following :

   xmpp: HYPERLINK "mailto:user at domain.com"user at domain.com


first time, when I clicked the hyper link, I was asked to confirm pidgin application, and I did, but nothing happen after that, and the pidgin did not open.

In regedit , this is the configuration of the xmpp protocol


  C:\Program Files\Pidgin\pidgin.exe --protocolhandler=%1


For debuggin, I tried to run this from command prompt and it did not work. It seems that pidgin.exe does not accept any parameter to open a buddy chat window.


Please help how I can implement that.



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