Privacy settings resetting to default by restarting Pidgin 2.10.6

Oliver Ehlebracht ehlebracht at
Mon Aug 20 06:31:57 EDT 2012

Hi Mark,

we're using XMPP on our own ejabberd 2.1.11-3 server. Changing the privacy setting in Pidgin seems to work fine even in debug mode:

> (11:25:27) util: Writing file blist.xml to directory C:\Users\test\AppData\Roaming\.purple
> (11:25:27) util: Writing file C:\Users\test\AppData\Roaming\.purple\blist.xml

In blist.xml the mode option is set to '5'. After quitting an restarting Pidgin the mode option is set back to '4'.

Best Regards, Oliver

Am 20.08.2012 03:50, schrieb Mark Doliner:
> Is this with AIM or ICQ?  For these protocols I believe Pidgin gets
> the setting from the server, and the value that we get from the server
> takes precedence over the local value.  I see two likely scenarios:
> 1. You're signed into this account from another location, and the
> other location is setting the privacy setting to "block only users
> below"
> 2. Changing the privacy setting in Pidgin isn't actually working for
> whatever reason (possibly a bug in Pidgin?).  You can try to check if
> this is happening by opening the debug window (Help->Debug Window)
> then changing your privacy setting.  I think it'll print some sort of
> cryptic error message if it fails.

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