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Armand Delo... armand.delo at hotmail.fr
Sun Aug 19 14:31:29 EDT 2012

Hello dears,

i discover jabber, its really amazing
so i try to have only one thing to go on all my different mails : yahoo msn gmail  (and now jabber) and qq

i had install a lot of IM ( psi, coccinella, trillian, miranda, gajim etc...)

to find a solution to have a gateway to QQ (its a chinese IM http://download.imqq.com/download.shtml )!!! so i had search and find some jabber servers with transport/gateways to qq

@jabme.de etc...

but it seems too old ( 

[Dear User, your version of QQ International will be obsolete soon.
Please download the latest version to avoid interruption of service. Thank you!


so i had search wit WEB IM like ebuddy(http://www.ebuddy.com/) ,etc... but i had didnt found websites that support QQ and others

so i am without solution, but i am not strong in internet, so maybe  some strong users will have the solution to this pb!!

Thanks a lot !!!

ps: i come back from china and i had meet lot of people but they have only QQ so i need to talk with them  but i dont have too much software (skype, msn, yahoo, gmail etc..)
i think that i am not alone to have this pb!

maybe its helpful? :
Java QQ Library (jQQl)


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