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Sun Apr 22 07:52:50 EDT 2012

V S Rawat g wrote:
> Enter profile folder should be customizable, meaning it should be able 
> to shift it to other place of user's will. it currently resides in c: 
> where windows is installed and if we happen to format the partition, 
> entire profile also goes up air.

He didn't say he was using Windows (although the failure to say what he 
is using does tend to imply Windows 7 or Windows Vista).  On most 
Unix-like systems, a symbolic link can be used.

On Windows, I believe it actually goes in the application data 
directory.  I've never investigated moving this, but I would hope it is 
possible.  In any case, the issue is a Windows one, as it affects any 
program that obeys the Windows filesystem layout conventions and stores 
non-trivial amounts of application data.

In any case, there is a -c command line option on Pidgin, that moves the 
configuration directories.  As the logs are in a sub-directory, changing 
this will presumably move the logs.

Wiping out the filesystem is a red herring, as you could do that to any 
filesystem.  The solution to that, other than applying reasonable care, 
and not using administrator privileges day to day, is to do backups.

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