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Sat Apr 21 22:58:20 EDT 2012

I'm running into a particular issue with my Gtalk account. You see, I signed up at to get a VoiP Gateway, which allows me to receive Google Voice calls on my cell (Nokia N9) via SIP. This works great, however, it appears that because of this I am permanently signed into Gtalk at all times. This instance though, shows up with a "Do Not Disturb" status at all times, with a Resource name starting with GVGW. This works fine, for example if I'm asleep, that my contacts know that contacting me at that point is useless.

However, a friend just brought to my attention that I NEVER appear available when I sign through Pidgin. I had the default resource of Home, and despite the status showing as available in the hover tooltop, my icon and status in the contact list remained as DND. With some resting though, I was able to make it appear green when I signed on via the Gmail chat. This appears with a "gmail.*" resource name. I figured, ok, the statuses are ordered by the instance's name, alphabetically. Unfortunately, even after renaming my resource (starting with A), I continue to appear DND to my contact through Pidgin (even after restarting both of our Pidgin's).

I rather not disable my VERY useful SIP service, but do not want to appear offline to all my contacts like this. Is there a way to fix this from my end? Why isn't the available instance overriding the DND one?
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