Cannot connect to the chat room on my website.

D. Gathmann dzlists at
Sat Apr 21 14:46:27 EDT 2012


Am 21.04.2012 17:10, schrieb s.richardson4633 at
> I have created a chat room on my website.  The site is hosted by 1&  I have contacted them and their response was we don't support 3rd party software.  I can connect to the room through the link on a web page, but when I try to connect using PIDGIN I get the following messages.
> SteveRichardson at disconnected
> Unable to connect: Error resolving
> No address associated with hostname

As a rule of thumb:
If you have an e-mail address at United Internet (like 1&1,
gmx.{de,com,net},, you can also use that login data to log into
their Jabber (XMPP) service.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you can also access the web chat this
way, but with some likelihood that's also done with XMPP, so it might be
worth a try...

1. Adding your account to Pidgin:
Username: anything before the @ sign
Domain: anything after the @ sign (probably, or your own domain)
Resource: whatever you like it to be called

2. Accessing the chat room:
(Not sure if accessing the room from an account not belonging to 1&1 would
You need to know the name (or number?) of the chat room for that (maybe
also the jabber server's name)

In Pidgin...
- Go to the Buddys->Add Chat menu entry
- Choose your XMPP account
- server's name may need to be changed, maybe a password is needed for the
- Either enter room name or choose from the rooms list.

- Go to the Tools->Plugins menu entry an enable the XMPP discovery plugin.
- Go to the Tools->XMPP Discovery entry.

There should be an entry for a "conference" service or similar, go there to
find your chat room by name.
(All presuming that the room is set to "persistent" and exists at the moment).



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