Captcha Error

Ethan Blanton elb at
Fri Apr 20 20:29:20 EDT 2012

Steven Gauna spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Just for kicks though, I thought I'd mention the following as well:
> *Recaptcha Terms of Service (for those who care):*
> *- "By using this API, you consent to be bound by these terms in addition
> to the Google APIs Terms of Service ("API ToS") at
> Google requires that these terms be enforced on the end-user by those using
> the recaptcha API on their sites.  Some of the terms mention that Google
> may use your data to "improve Google products and services", which is
> something that makes me a bit wary of actually accepting it.  However, I
> can't see any place on the site that mentions this agreement when
> registering or when posting.

The terms I see there are only for the entity *displaying* the
captcha, and we are comfortable with them and complying with them. 
What do you see that leads you to believe otherwise?


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