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Wed Apr 4 11:59:05 EDT 2012

Steve Lucas spake unto us the following wisdom:
> I'm a tech at ITAGroup, Inc. where we have 1 user having issues with
> Pidgin Chat. Upon Yahoo account login , their contacts disappear and
> it looks like she logged out as well.  Pidgin just is not performing
> like it should.  Could this be an infrastructure issue at Pidgin or
> something local the computer device?

Pidgin provides no infrastructure.

> I have removed the personal information in Pidgin and rebuilt it, but
> that doesn't work, reinstalled Pidgin and no go.  The workstation is
> Windows XP, Pigdin version is one or two revisions behind the current
> release.

Upgrade and see if that helps.  If it doesn't, make sure the user can
log in correctly with the official yahoo client, and that the buddy
list contains the expected buddies.

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I am disseminating, distributing, and copying this information to the
hundreds of users on this public mailing list that you sent it to.
Please adjust your mailer so that it does not spew more content in
worthless footnotes than the entire body of your mail contains.

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