Saving window size in finch

Enrico Biess enrico.biess at
Wed Apr 4 07:05:21 EDT 2012

Hi list

I wonder if it is possible to save the position and the size for each window in finch.
In .gntpositions are the window names and one x,y pair. Which seems to represent the position of the window.
I cannot find another x,y pair which could set the size of the window.

But it seems as if finch is saving the size of the last window somewhere.
Actually it seems as if there are window classes, and the last size of each (window)class is saved somewhere.
Maybe thats why the buddylist has another size than conversation windows. Where all (old and new) conversation windows have the same size.

Where i save the exact position and size of a window (not a window class) in finch ?
What did i miss ?

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