automatic status switch doesn't work

Sabrina Wiese sabkid at
Sun Apr 1 09:06:57 EDT 2012


I've a problem with pidgins automatic status switch iyou don't use mouse 
oder keyboard. normally it would but my status from avaiable into idle 
after the time I set. but without changing anything this function 
doesn't work anymore. the status I choose stays al the time wheter i'm 
afk for 2 minutest or 2 hours. thats very annoying because people think 
I'm at the computer and don't answer.
I have this problem since weeks already with version 2.10.0 . both 
updates didn't change anything and also new installation of older 
versions. the problem only exist on my notebook. my netbook has version 
2.10.0 and there it works.
since yesterday my mate has the same problem. this function runs 
perfectly. on friday morning he switched the automatic status change to 
never and back to idle by don't use mouse or keyboard. since then it 
doesn't work anymore. is avaiable all the time. thats very stressing.

I would be very plaesed if you have an explanation for this. please help.

thank you

sabrina wiese

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