Possible bug?

Leung, Raymond K - San Mateo, CA Raymond.K.Leung at usps.gov
Fri Apr 27 12:07:42 EDT 2012


I've installed pidgin 2.10.1 on a opensuse 12.1 box.

I entered my settings correctly, also verified with a co-worker that the settings are the same.

He's running a previous verison on ubuntu.

I'm able to connect with the protocol office communicator for a random amount of time (2 to 30 seconds)

Then I get disconnected with the message "Invalid message signature received"

Pidgin automatically tries to sign me in which works successfully, but then I get kicked out

I exited pidgin and started it back up again.

Still the same messages.

I couldn't find much on google about the issue that I'm receiving.

Can you please provide any suggestions?


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