Windows 7 or firewall troubleshooting help

Ethan Blanton elb at
Sun Apr 15 10:45:13 EDT 2012

Lynn McLeod spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Hi - we are setting up pidgin with google talk on our laptops - windows XP,
> 7, and macs. some work fine, some do not - the error is "unauthorized".
> we're narrowing it down and believe the problem is either a windows 7
> security setting or maybe the virus programs with fire walls that some
> people have installed. everyone has a slightly different configuration on
> their laptops. we've searched the help docs but haven't found this specific
> problem.

Unauthorized virtually always means that you're using the wrong
username or password.  Try deleting and recreating the account.  Make
sure that you have ONLY your username in the username field (no, type your password carefully, and do not change any of
the other fields in the dialog.  If you are using Google multi-factor
authentication, that could be at work here, as well.


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