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I got some ideas how you could make this happen. There are several

a) set your nick to the word that you want to cause the sound. This is
ugly but it's simple. If you want to keep your nick, you can make two
simultaneous connections to the same server.
b) use a plugin. I don't know of a plugin that is able to do this, but
such a plugin might already exist or someone might want to write it.
c) use a bot that either says your name when someone says "ALL" or sends
you a private message
d) tell everyone in the channel to post the output of /names to the
channel when saying something that is relevant for everybody.


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I have a question about Pidgin usage.

Is it possible to associate a sound to specific words someone might say
in chat?

Let's say I'm in a chat with 20 people and we decided that every time
someone has to say something to everyone starts his sentence with the
word "ALL: hi can...", is it possible to associate to the word All a
specific sound so that i don't miss that message? if no sound can be
used , then is it possible to make pidgin highlight that sentence (or
any other sentence) that has the word ALL in it? (or any other word i
want to set up to be highlighted)

Hope I was able to explain in a fine way what I need :)

I thank you in advance to your help and support.


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