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Cat Agonis chixonthehud at
Thu Mar 24 11:34:33 EDT 2011

Dear Pidgin Leaders,

This e-mail is built to recognize the individual and// or party responsible
for a terrible contribution now present on my computer.

It was a regular work day this week (so regular that I cannot even recollect
if it was a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday), that I signed into my computer
perched within my humble cubicle, only to notice…. No not notice, but *sense
** *that something was different. *Something that would be darker for the
entirety of my future career at my current office job.* I soon realized it
was an alteration of a little icon that appeared on my Pidgin pages.

To my dismay, my horror, I learned that Sir Pidgin's waving wing had been
removed and now his figure contains nothing but a noggin. I soon shared my
realization with several other concerned co-workers who agreed that this
metamorphosis was appalling in the very least. (Terrifying, even).

Please understand that the previous icon, the icon that waved, that declared
hello to me as I started up my computer in the morrow, the icon which sung
morning songs of communicative joy with its welcoming gesture- *that* icon
was the beacon by which I guided my inter- office- IMing ship.

I implore the Pidgin sculpting staff to revive the previous icon, as we have
all expressed internally that the said image has the power to brighten our
dullest, most hollow office moments.

And if you should decide to take no heed with my suggestion allow me to
thank the knowledgeable one who has considered ideas of what could possibly
make my day a little better. Thank you, guru, who knew just what a half-
centimeter of strategically planned pixels could do for a girl like me. I
thank you for this revolutionary image which had pleased my vision for
months on end. I am just sorry that pleasure (which was all mine), was
forced to foreclosure.

Your's Truly,

Cat E. Agonis
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