Problem with MSN

Alexandre alexandre at
Wed Mar 23 18:15:19 EDT 2011

Hi David!

Certainly I will not want my private information from being exposed to 
different people.

Anyway I can send the WireShark log, but I need to have guarantee that 
they will bot be scattered around the net.

The problem: The remote user see me online but for me I see him offline.
Even if I remove the user or he remove me and back to add the problem 
The same remote user that is off-line to me, is on-line to my colleague 
who is plugged into the same network.

As development engineer I am, I suspect that the problem should not be 
any blocking or firewall, but some unforeseen situation, such as the 
lack of a "acept", or non-arrival of a "Request ".

I did the same test on Windows and MSN and the problem persisted.
If you analyze the WireShark log surely reap any message that might lead 
to some clue to the problem.



On 23-03-2011 18:20, David Woolley wrote:
> Alexandre wrote:
>> I am using Ubuntu 10.10
>> *Pidgin 2.7.11* (libpurple 2.7.11)
>> 266042fff48838ac6672bcde8cf02babb5d5bae0
>> I am using LAN 10/100mpbs or wireless 54Mbps.
>> Notebook --------- D-Link Router DI-524 -------- Motorola Modem 
>> ------- Cable ------>
> The main reason for asking for network details is the possibility of 
> firewalls (probably if you are using a company account) and 
> "transparent proxies" (common on mass market consumer accounts) - the 
> former being more likely to be a problem.
>> Do you want any trace of LAN of WireShark too? What situation? In the 
>> start of Pidgin??? Other situation?
> Googling your symptoms, most reports have been closed out because of a 
> failure of the reporter to provide debugging information.  One has 
> been closed out because the developer couldn't reproduce it.  
> Consequently as much debug information as possible is desirable, 
> although I suspect the developers may be overwhelmed by Wireshark 
> data.  They will certainly want Pidgin debug log data.
> Unless you can tie down the first step in the failure, I imagine they 
> will want from start up until the first symptom.
> Remember this is a public mailing list, so obfuscate (as little as 
> possible) and sensitive information. (For that reason, I wouldn't 
> provide pcap files unless and until a developer asks for them as 
> private email.)
> Note, it is possible that there is an open bug report that I failed to 
> find.

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