Help with Finch

Aaron Miller cad_unit at
Mon Mar 21 22:30:47 EDT 2011

First off i want to say i just started messing around with finch and 
love it! as well as pidgin i appreciate the hard work.  Second i was 
wonder if i could get some help with the window manager with finch.  
There is just not much out there in the way of finch users and config 
files.  Man pages make mention of a sample window-manager but i have not 
found any.  So to my questions,

1) Was wondering what a window-management file would look like, or if 
anyone has a spare file left over to configure the wm with, or a file i 
could read up on about this with more detail than man pages.

2) I was interested in removing the outlines for both the buddy list and 
my conversation window.  was wondering if it can be done and how to do this?

3) Was also wondering if there was a way to hide the scroll bars on the 
conversation window and buddy list if that is possible ?

Thanks again the for the work that you've put into this little program


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