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David Balažic david.balazic at comtrade.com
Wed Mar 16 11:20:58 EDT 2011


Using Pidgin 2.7.11 and a MSN account in one-to-one chat, I noticed that the buddy sent a message, but I never received it.

I know, because we set up a TeamViewer session and I saw what he did.

He uses Live Messenger 2009.

So, on my side the conversation looked like this:

(16:13:06) He: 1234
(16:13:28) Me: ok
(16:14:25) He: x

 on his side it was like this:

He says:
 123 456 789
 I will go (this is the missing message)
Me says:
He says:

Both running Windows XP.


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