A few questions which I couldn't find the answer!

Marktplaats Marktplaats m4rktplaatz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 10:44:10 EST 2011

Hi Pidgin,

I really like your program, but I am only using it because I think it hides
my IP like other web messenger from people who use netstan -n to see my IP.
So my question is... Does pidgin really hide's / encrypts my IP so other
contacts in my list can't find it when the send me a file or something...
Is the connection between my and the contact through a pidgin server which
hides my IP ? Also when they send me a file?

Next question: When someone send me a file, I can't see it... Also I can't
see the pictures which they send...

Really thanks if you help me to answer my questions.
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