Pidigin is "Hay Wire"

Dennis Lord drlord1 at
Sat Mar 5 18:24:21 EST 2011

I'm using Pidgin with facebook.


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Dennis Lord wrote:
> When I FIRST down loaded Pidgin,it worked fine.Now when I open the buddy 
>list,the on-line buddy's aren't there,on the list.When I sent a message,I get 
>this:*_You are not permitted to do that.
> What is the problem?    How do I fix pidgin?

There was a previous report involving that message that turned out to be from a 
third party, Facebook, plugin, that is not supported here. Facebook can also be 
accessed via XMPP.

If this is  not the problem, you are going to have to say which service you were 
trying to use.

Note I was unable to find this message in the official Pidgin code.

-- David Woolley
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