Exporting history to CSV/XML

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Sat Mar 5 09:47:45 EST 2011

dibo20 at wp.pl wrote:
> Exists any tool which export ".purple/logs" html files into some simple 
> database file type (like CSV, XML, DBF)? I'm trying to parse this htmls 

I don't know any, but, in general XML is not simple.  I'd suggest 
modifying the source code at points where the source fields are distinct.

> but it is very tricky. It's hard to define some regular expressions. It 
> looks like html files are generated only for report view. I need 
> separate info like: user_dent | buddy_ident | time | msg_body. I am 
> writing plugin for managing purple history. I'm storing new messages by 
> catching them by ReceivedImMsg and SentImMsg but I need load old history 
> too.

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