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Ethan Blanton elb at
Thu Mar 3 09:43:53 EST 2011

Templeton Peck spake unto us the following wisdom:
> And you - Mr. Blanton - have obviously a problem with being nice to people.
> In my opinion you are a choleric.

I am sorry that you feel the need to publically attack me.

I sent you one email, which politely stated, in case you were unaware,
that your four emails were each sent to several hundred recipients.
In return, you started an entire thread which is being sent to several
hundred recipients.

I assume that your vitriol is related to the mail that I sent
(politely) off-list, in which I figured out that you may very well
have sent *more* than four emails, of which some were blocked.  For
the benefit of observers, this sender has previously sent to this list
(and other Pidgin mailing lists) unconstructive, vitriolic emails
under the name "Dagobert Duck", which has been banned from Pidgin

I am banning these most recent aliases, and will not be replying again.

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