Facebook chat with Pidgin

Ioannis Mouratidis imourati at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 15:16:30 EDT 2011

I have encountered some problems using pidgin to connect to my facebook
account. Basically, sometimes I just can't log in and get the following

 "My. user-name at chat.facebook.com/pidgin disabled
 Not Authorized"

Other times it works just fine without any problems.
I couldn't find a specific trigger/action related to this problem, the only
thing I can say is that it usually happens when I first log in the computer,
until now I haven't got disconnected when already logged in. It mostly
happens sporadically. Sometimes even quitting and reopening pidgin would
help, other times it would work after some attempts to re-enable the account
and others it would be OK after half an hour or so (except today when it has
been really persistent).

Something that may also be of interest is that while I have configured my
facebook account normally (XMPP), I have also  created an account through
the facebook plugin (from the third party plugin page). Each time I try to
log-in I get a message from facebook that a new device tried to log-in in my
account (I have this kind of security facebook notifications enabled). What
seems interesting is that although both accounts bring up the same message
when this problem occurs, I still get the notification e-mail from facebook
when I try to use the facebook plugin account, so some kind of connection
between pidgin (or the plugin) and the server must have happened.

Could this be a problem on the side of facebook servers? Could this be a
router/firewall problem with some port sometimes getting blocked (although
this seems unlikely if the plugin uses the same port as pidgin to connect to

I'm afraid I really can't imagine what this should be and I would be
grateful for any help.

Thank you very much for your time.

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