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Thanks a lot for you reply.

I tried to look for a plugin but didn't fin it yet (to be honest i didn't
spend much time searching...yet lol)

I'll give a shot with the other solutions. (of course finding a plug in
would be great)

Anyway...It might be a good idea for next versions, i think users will
appreciate this option :)

Thanks again
hace a nice day.

On 30 March 2011 13:45, ChO₂ <chemistrydioxide at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I got some ideas how you could make this happen. There are several
> options:
> a) set your nick to the word that you want to cause the sound. This is
> ugly but it's simple. If you want to keep your nick, you can make two
> simultaneous connections to the same server.
> b) use a plugin. I don't know of a plugin that is able to do this, but
> such a plugin might already exist or someone might want to write it.
> c) use a bot that either says your name when someone says "ALL" or sends
> you a private message
> d) tell everyone in the channel to post the output of /names to the
> channel when saying something that is relevant for everybody.
> Cheers,
> ChO2
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> Hi,
> I have a question about Pidgin usage.
> Is it possible to associate a sound to specific words someone might say
> in chat?
> Let's say I'm in a chat with 20 people and we decided that every time
> someone has to say something to everyone starts his sentence with the
> word "ALL: hi can...", is it possible to associate to the word All a
> specific sound so that i don't miss that message? if no sound can be
> used , then is it possible to make pidgin highlight that sentence (or
> any other sentence) that has the word ALL in it? (or any other word i
> want to set up to be highlighted)
> Hope I was able to explain in a fine way what I need :)
> I thank you in advance to your help and support.
> Regards,
> Raffaello
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