GoogleTalk becomes XMPP (was: Re: a little problem, pls help)

ChO₂ chemistrydioxide at
Wed Mar 30 08:18:51 EDT 2011

This is by design. GoogleTalk uses XMPP like all other XMPP services
(e.g.,,, ...). The GoogleTalk option was
only added because some people mistakenly thought that GoogleTalk was
not supported by Pidgin. Are you having trouble with connecting to


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Betreff: a little problem, pls help
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Whenever I try to add a Google Talk account, after entering all info,
the PROTOCOL field won't stay "Google Talk" as selected. Instead, it
ALWAYS changes to "XMPP"! I tried so many times but Pidgin did the same
thing. Pls  help/advise.

Thanks so much!

Kind Regards.

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