FW: Buddy enquiry

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Wed Mar 30 03:06:28 EDT 2011

Sorry, I meant to copy this to the list and set replies there.

David Woolley wrote:
> Brett & Carrie wrote:
>> I’ve had no reply to this email as to my problem with Pidgin, is there 
>> somewhere else I should be contacting??
> This isn't a place that you contact, this is a mailing list of Pidgin 
> users and developers providing peer support.  As a community developed 
> open source project, Pidgin has no central support organisation.
> The last time I checked, a number of people had reported this problem on 
> the bug reporting system at developer.pidgin.im, but one report  had 
> been closed because the developer was unable to reproduce it, and the 
> other reports that I found had been closed because the reporter had 
> failed to respond to requests to provide the detailed debugging 
> information needed to give the developers a clue as to why it was failing.
> You are going to need to provide debug logs (with sensitive data 
> obfuscated, but as little as possible).

David Woolley
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