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onebree onebree at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 14:52:26 EDT 2011

Hello. Last week I tried the tech support webchat, and while everyone was
nice, nothing helped.

I am using the most updated version of pidgin and would like to enable a
Facebook Chat XMPP account. No matter what settings I change/enter, the
buddy list has a notification saying "Not authorized."

I have created an account username on Facebook.com. I have also waited
several days for the username to fully integrate into the Facebook server,
as recommended by some people in the webchat.

I would like to stop using AIM+Facebook when possible, and fully integrate
with the Pidgin interface. Can I have a walk-through on how to tackle
enabling a Facebook Chat account?

Furthermore, people in the webchat linked me to several help articles, none
of which were useful. All of the articles refer to older versions of pidgin.
I know this because there is no check box for SSL, but rather a drop down
menu for encryption/authentication.

Thank you.

- onebree
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