Sent In All Seriousness

kevin at kevin at
Thu Mar 24 15:05:28 EDT 2011

 On Thu, 24 Mar 2011 11:34:33 -0400, Cat Agonis <chixonthehud at> 
> To my dismay, my horror, I learned that Sir Pidgins waving wing had
> been removed and now his figure contains nothing but a noggin. I soon
> shared my realization with several other concerned co-workers who
> agreed that this metamorphosis was appalling in the very least.
> (Terrifying, even).

 To the best of my knowledge, no version of Pidgin ever had any form of 
 animated or waving pigeon.  Did you upgrade Pidgin?  What version did 
 you have before, and what version are you using now?

> I implore the Pidgin sculpting staff to revive the previous icon, as
> we have all expressed internally that the said image has the power to
> brighten our dullest, most hollow office moments. 

 We haven't changed any icons in Pidgin recently, so I'm at a loss to 
 explain what you saw or how it could have changed, unless you were using 
 something unofficial that was lost or stopped working in an upgrade.


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