some issues with the protocol icons

kevin at kevin at
Thu Mar 24 14:59:22 EDT 2011

 On Thu, 24 Mar 2011 12:24:01 +0100, Arturo Rinaldi 
 <arty.net2 at> wrote:
> Il 24/03/2011 08:56, David Woolley ha scritto:
>> Arturo Rinaldi wrote:
>>>   just asking a simple thing. I built from source *pidgin 2.7.11*  
>>> on my ubuntu 9.10 adding the* pidgin-facebookchat* and *msn-pecan* 
>>> plugins
>> The facebook chat plugin, at least, is a third party plugin, not 
>> supported here.  Have you considered  using XMPP instead?
> my issue is not with the plugin, it's something regarding the program
> itsef, maybe a particular setting I think....

 You have described your problem with two accounts using third party 
 plugins (pidgin-facebookchat and msn-pecan).  We do not provide support 
 for problems with third party plugins here, so to diagnose, let's try to 
 take those out of the picture.

 Are you seeing these missing icons for protocols that are built-in 
 (AIM, MSN (not pecan), XMPP, etc)?  Please try to set up an account 
 using a built-in plugin to see whether you can reproduce the problem.  
 If you can, then it may be a problem with Pidgin or how Pidgin is 
 packaged in the PPA in that version of Ubuntu.  However, if this problem 
 is limited to those third party plugins, then it is likely a software or 
 packaging problem with both of the plugins.


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