some issues with the protocol icons

Arturo Rinaldi arty.net2 at
Wed Mar 23 19:40:44 EDT 2011

just asking a simple thing. I built from source *pidgin 2.7.11* on my 
ubuntu 9.10 adding the*pidgin-facebookchat* and *msn-pecan* plugins 
always compiled by source. then in the Account menu i get the following 
icons put left to my accounts in this way :

on the contrary on my laptop I run ubuntu 10.10 with *pidgin 2.7.11* 
installed from the official ppa and *msn-pecan* installed from ubuntu 
repos while *pidgin-facebookchat* is compiled from source but i didn't 
get the icon in the way i described above.

Protocols Icons are shown in the contact list in both cases....hope you 
can help me

Thx in advance

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