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David Woolley forums at
Wed Mar 23 17:20:17 EDT 2011

Alexandre wrote:
> I am using Ubuntu 10.10
> *Pidgin 2.7.11* (libpurple 2.7.11)
> 266042fff48838ac6672bcde8cf02babb5d5bae0
> I am using LAN 10/100mpbs or wireless 54Mbps.
> Notebook --------- D-Link Router DI-524 -------- Motorola Modem ------- 
> Cable ------>

The main reason for asking for network details is the possibility of 
firewalls (probably if you are using a company account) and "transparent 
proxies" (common on mass market consumer accounts) - the former being 
more likely to be a problem.
> Do you want any trace of LAN of WireShark too? What situation? In the 
> start of Pidgin??? Other situation?

Googling your symptoms, most reports have been closed out because of a 
failure of the reporter to provide debugging information.  One has been 
closed out because the developer couldn't reproduce it.  Consequently as 
much debug information as possible is desirable, although I suspect the 
developers may be overwhelmed by Wireshark data.  They will certainly 
want Pidgin debug log data.

Unless you can tie down the first step in the failure, I imagine they 
will want from start up until the first symptom.

Remember this is a public mailing list, so obfuscate (as little as 
possible) and sensitive information. (For that reason, I wouldn't 
provide pcap files unless and until a developer asks for them as private 

Note, it is possible that there is an open bug report that I failed to find.

David Woolley
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