Problem with MSN

Alexandre alexandre at
Wed Mar 23 09:51:58 EDT 2011

Good morning!

I am using Ubuntu 10.10
*Pidgin 2.7.11*(libpurple 2.7.11)

I am using LAN 10/100mpbs or wireless 54Mbps.
Notebook --------- D-Link Router DI-524 -------- Motorola Modem ------- 
Cable ------>

Do you want any trace of LAN of WireShark too? What situation? In the 
start of Pidgin??? Other situation?


On 22-03-2011 18:51, David Woolley wrote:
> Alexandre wrote:
>> There is some problem with Pidgin using MSN.
>> Some contacts which are on-line, appears like off-line to me.
>> I tried to remove and after to add again and nothing.
> Please supply sufficient information.  In particular, until you tell 
> us you are using 2.7.11, there is no point in even looking further, 
> but platform and network also matter.
>> Can you say what it can be?
> Using a non-current version?
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