Is QQ Down?

David Woolley forums at
Sat Mar 19 09:29:58 EDT 2011

Brandon McHugh wrote:
> My QQ just cycles from grey to colored and I dont know WTF is going on. 
> I dont get any notices about the status, I can't find any sort of log 
> system and it took me 10 minutes to find your freaking support email 
> address.
> Don't tell me this is my computer I checked google for "real-time" 
> results and found TONS of twitter buzz about this.

(Your problem is almost certainly due to undocumented changes made by 
QQ, who probably don't approve of third party clients, and a lack of 
interest amongst QQ users in reverse engineering and submitting changes.

There are multiple ways of locating this mailng list, all of them quite 

> Suggestion 1: When a chat client is having problems please identify this 
> obviously that your software is having problems.
> Suggestion 2: Add your damn support email address to your damn help 
> page, because I'm not reading 3 paragraphs of information on a VERY 
> poorly formatted website 
> <> to find your email 
> address
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