Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Mon Mar 7 11:19:12 EST 2011

Metalbazar.com spake unto us the following wisdom:
> We cannot send this file to your location. Please visit our our T7
> page<http://sourceforge.net/t7.php>
> Really I never understand why you are thinking as dictators in closing the
> communication relations by skit works. in fact you are thinking  the same as
> Qaddafi, Ahmedinejad, Mobarak, Saddam Hussein and so many other dictators
> in the world.

You need to take this up with SourceForge, not us.  You might also
wish to contact the US State Department and/or the US Department of
Commerce, as SourceForge claims they are simply following government
regulations in this matter.

We use the SourceForge content distribution servers for our download
service, because we cannot afford to serve the massive quantity of
Pidgin downloads from our hosting service.  Please note that Pidgin is
Free software, provided to you (and all others) for free.  Our hosting
service is provided to us for free by Network Redux as a contribution
to the Free software community.  SourceForge provides ad- and
subscription-supported distribution of our software at no charge to
you or to us, because it is Free software.  Be polite in your
correspondence, we are all volunteers.

You may also wish to check your Nescafe carefully for the presence of
hallucinogenic drugs.

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