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Thu Mar 3 12:25:10 EST 2011

Burns, Jennifer spake unto us the following wisdom:
> I am currently using Pidgin through Olark for chatting. I recently
> became aware that my logged transcripts are saved on my hard drive in
> the .purple folder. How can I redirect the log to be saved in a more
> secure location on our staff network? 

Pidgin writes logs to ~/.purple/logs on Unix-like platforms, and
$PURPLEHOME/logs on Windows, unless overridden with the -c command
line option.  If you wish to move logs *and* configuration
information, you can use the -c command line option or, on Windows,
set PURPLEHOME to a different location (see the FAQ).

If you wish to move *only* your logs, create a symlink from
.purple/logs to a directory where you wish to store your logs.  Pidgin
will happily chase the symlink and write the logs elsewhere.

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