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Templeton Peck abendselmex at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 2 20:50:05 EST 2011

No, before this time, I was sending it two times and it did not show up in
the list at all. Sorry, but no my fault if your mailsystem doesn't work


2011/3/3 Ethan Blanton <elb at pidgin.im>

> Templeton Peck spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > I know, this is not (really) the right place to ask for it. But on the
> > other hand I cannot think of another to get help from. Recently I
> > recommended the Nokia n900 to a friend, so he can communicate with me.
> > Yesterday I got a little bit embarrassed when I tried to get the otr
> > plugin working and did not succeed. We came across this workaround (>
> > http://www.sebastianbartsch.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=98&start=0 )
> > but the problem persists. As soon as we're trying to start an otr
> > session, the error message "..invalid length.." is shown inside Pidgin's
> > conversation window on the n900.
> You have sent the exact same message to the mailing list four times
> now in two days.  There are hundreds of users on this list.  If anyone
> can answer your question, they will.  Please stop spamming.
> Ethan
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> YRpU0YCc0jcsjYsziCQKqwOInHPgFr28RIRc4jG+PeFVFpeYk7xfxyfJJQNtQK/7
> TVU1z+RjmqnjUsS+HGPZn1M5Qtdpk8JqS/LymVVDmgJrZDEk3UhI+zgpY4v1oUGZ
> 8QqYU+t0xQPasGrtleVq2WfV43ELsvI+TuqbWXvM1uSDAl2jqVS2pj9U6nv6M5SX
> nQqpVhy1MuQaKbK50zcdR2UnjvdK+LKr1b+wzvuV9K0zN1DTXkuutGNE7ra+aW3u
> 9+KN8iSlgddO6pyOXiCXFInAYJsFQ1HC1r/jGh2bVzmfeH4l+l1uRg==
> =t/1X
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