I can't connect to GTalk (Linux) - Solved, I think

Paul Aurich darkrain42 at pidgin.im
Thu Nov 25 13:44:07 EST 2010

And Titanio Verde spoke on 11/25/2010 10:31 AM, saying:
> Greetings.
> When I try to connect to Google Talk through Pidgin 2.7.3 (most recent in
> APT repository), it doesn't show anything during 5 minutes. Then a generic
> error message: /can't connect to username at gmail.com/
> <http://username@gmail.com/>/
> I asked in your IRC channel, and the great user Moebelschatz thought about
> adding /talk.google.com <http://talk.google.com>/ as the connect server. It
> worked!
> I suggest to include this in the official FAQ.
> If you need more information, I pasted the corresponding debug
> information: http://pastebin.ca/2002163


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