Pidgin MSN Non Functional. SSL Certificate Error ( Recurring too ! )

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed Nov 24 23:55:05 EST 2010

On 11/24/2010 09:19 PM, pheedme wrote:
> I dont have time to search forums for this bug, I know its a known
> issue, but in the end if this doesent get addressed, im migrating to
> something that works withough me needing to Fuck with MSN SSL
> certificates every 20 Minutes.... Forward this message to someone, or
> don't. If this isnt fixed in less than a week, I will have no choice to
> migrate to Empathy or another Multi-Chat client....

Threats to switch to another IM client carry absolutely zero weight here.  If
you don't like Pidgin, you're free to use other software.  We're not going to
cry or lose sleep over it.  We won't even be sorry or insulted.

> So Technically if all I have to do is the steps below, can this be
> scrippted into the software, to acquire new certificates whenever
> required, or at least to verify it on connect?
> Updated to the Latest Version
> Tried Manually Getting New Certificate ---> Fixes Issue
> ( Executed steps listed here )
> Looked like an SSL error, which I confirmed with Goggles. I mean
> Googles. I mean Google.

The popular "solution" presented by a Google search is incorrect and a security
risk.  The *correct* solution is to upgrade to Pidgin 2.7.7 and read for details.


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