Please give option to hide "mobile" users in Yahoo etc.

David Coulson david at
Wed Nov 24 14:48:48 EST 2010

On a similar train of thought - Pidgin used to log in a conversation 
window when a user (typically in my experience AIM or Yahoo) went 
mobile, and when they returned from mobile. I've not noticed Pidgin do 
this in a while, so either it is broke or I need to check a preference 
to enable it?

Adium on my Mac does it, so I'd expect Pidgin to be able to do it also 
since they are both based on libpurple.

On 11/24/10 1:43 PM, V S Rawat wrote:
> I had written it a few months ago, repeating.
> Yahoo, etc., has option to remain online on "mobile". The chat message 
> is sent to the user's mobile, and the user has to reply via sms (i 
> guess) for the chat to continue. Mostly, users don't bother to sms and 
> the chat stops.
> Whatever, It would be helpful to yahoo users in pidgin if we could 
> show/ hide such users who are "mobile" online.
> Please consider including such an option, even yahoo doesn't have such 
> an option.
> Thanks.
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> Rawat
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